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Join us today and add your voice to our movement for change. Every voice counts and we hope that you will add yours.

Samuel West reads to a crowd outside Pentonville prison

"I support the Howard League's mission. Prison reform does not receive the attention it deserves." Rebecca, Howard League member

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Case study

Why I became a member

A prisoner and an officer talk in Styal prison for women

"I’m a retired comprehensive headteacher interested in politics and a wide range of social questions. I became convinced many years ago that current penal policies are a complete failure, that we lock up far too many people, especially women, and that the concept of rehabilitation in our system is a complete joke. I’ve taken an interest in ideas for alternatives to prison and have been inspired by many ideas put forward and piloted by the Howard League.

You will never change people unless you treat them with dignity as fellow human beings, recognise the awful circumstances in which so many in our prisons have been brought up and give them generous support on completion of their sentence. The cost? Would easily be covered by locking up fewer in the first place and by the far lower rates of recidivism we could expect to see.

I’ve made it sound simple and I know it’s not, but the first thing to do is to change the mind-set of politicians and bring in some enlightened policies. I support The Howard League because this is what you exist to do."

Frank Abel

Howard League member

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