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Howard League Fellows

A fellowship for academics and magistrates

Throughout the Howard League’s 150-year history we have been committed to informed debate and have been highly successful in achieving real and lasting change in the penal system.

A guiding principle of our work has been to develop new ideas and to understand the consequences of changes and innovations. In this time of flux and uncertainty both in communities and the penal system, it has never been more important to generate discussion, ideas and commitment to a humane and effective penal system.

Howard League fellows will be invited to attend special events that will offer opportunities to meet informally with senior politicians and academics as well as attend seminars and events to contribute to current research streams and emerging, innovative ideas.

Meet our inaugural fellows

One of our inaugural fellows is Barry Godfrey who is both Professor of Social Justice at the University of Liverpool and a magistrate. He became a fellow “…in the hope that my research can contribute to the work of the Howard League, and do something useful. My aim is to analyse historical data and longitudinal research to show policy makers that incarceration has long been socially and financially unaffordable; inefficient as a system; and incapable of bringing about reform and rehabilitation.”

Stephen Adler JP

Ed Beaman JP

Professor Thom Brooks, Durham University

Stephen Gallacher JP

Professor Barry Godfrey, Liverpool University

John Goodwin JP

Dr Susan Grace JP

Richard Guy OBE JP

Professor Nikki Lacey, London School of Economics

Subash Ludhra JP

Professor Tim Newburn, London School of Economics

Francesca Nowne JP

Professor Francis Pakes, Portsmouth University

Malcolm Peckham JP

Professor Arad Reisburg, Brunel University

Anne Reyersbach JP

Professor Roger Smith, Durham University

Professor Richard Sparks, Edinburgh University

Dr Alison Spurgeon-Dickson JP

Dr Alisa Stevens, Cardiff University

John Stroud-Turp JP

Dr Emma Wincup, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation

How to become a fellow

Academics and magistrates may apply themselves or be nominated to become a fellow. There is no fixed cost but a minimum donation of £10 a month is suggested. The expectation is that fellows will have supported penal reform and social justice. The criteria for elevation to a Howard League fellow are deliberately broad in order to promote individual initiatives and creative work that embeds justice in the community.

Nominations should be no more than 200 words long and emailed to Anita Dockley, the Howard League’s research director at The nomination should also include the name, contact details (address and email) and the nominee’s institution/bench. A selection panel will assess all nominations.

Nominations are assessed on a quarterly basis.

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