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Informal comments from the charity

  • 6 May 2022
    Young people’s experiences of prison during the pandemic

    Earlier this year, we invited Howard League members in prison – and members with a loved one in prison – to share their experiences of imprisonment during the pandemic. In April, we built on this by asking young people on our advice line what the past two years had been like for them.  Read more

  • 22 Apr 2022
    The impact of restrictions on visits during the pandemic

    This is the third blogpost in a series on Howard League members’ experiences in prison during the pandemic. It focuses on what members told us about the importance of visits, the impact of no longer seeing family members and friends, and how much harder they have found visits with restrictions.  Read more

  • 7 Apr 2022
    The mental health consequences of imprisonment during the pandemic

    This blogpost is the second in a series on Howard League members’ experiences in prison during the pandemic.  Read more

  • 23 Mar 2022
    Two years of lockdown in prison

    In survey responses gathered in February and March 2022, Howard League members who are in prison or have family members in prison told us about their experiences during the pandemic. They also told us what, in their view, the public needs to know.  Read more

  • 18 Mar 2022
    Keppel’s decline

    When a child is in trouble, we should do all that we can to give them the care and support they need. This may sound obvious, but as the Howard League has seen through its legal work, and as a long line of official inspection reports makes clear, prisons holding children fail routinely to reach this standard. Prison is no place for a child.  Read more

  • 28 Jan 2022
    A welcome review of custodial remand for children

    This week the Ministry of Justice published a long-awaited review of custodial remand for children. This important document responds to concerns raised by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and the Justice Committee, and echoed by many others including the Howard League, about the ever-increasing proportion of children on remand in prison.  Read more

  • 20 Jan 2022
    Why extending the sentencing powers of magistrates is a bad idea

    The news earlier this week that the government is seeking to extend the sentencing powers of magistrates is deeply disappointing. Legislation was passed in 2003 to extend the sentencing powers of magistrates, but it was never enacted for good reason.  Read more

  • 17 Jan 2022
    The decades-long injustice of the IPP sentence must end

    Today, the report stage of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill in the House of Lords comes to an end. The amended bill will now go to a third reading in the House of Lords, followed by a “ping pong” stage where both Houses of Parliament must agree on the wording of the Bill.   Read more

  • 23 Dec 2021
    A message of hope for 2022

    As we come to the end of another challenging year, I would like to thank all Howard League members for your support in 2021. Christmas is a difficult period for many, and particularly so for people in prison and their families. The calls this week to our legal advice line, from children and young adults, are a stark reminder of how life inside is very different from life outside at this time of year.  Read more

  • 10 Dec 2021
    The Prisons Strategy White Paper

    On Tuesday, the government published its delayed Prisons Strategy White Paper. It’s not all terrible. Some of the ideas in the White Paper could begin to address prisons’ dire record on safety, education, work and resettlement, and the Howard League has long supported more autonomy for prison governors. However, the overall strategic vision is one which will send more people to prison every year, compounding the very problems that the White Paper seeks to solve.  Read more

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