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Arresting the entry of women into the criminal justice system

Many women arrested by the police do not need to be caught in the criminal justice net. The Howard League is conducting a three-year programme to reduce arrests of women and stem the flow of women into the criminal justice system. Our work is focussed on making a real difference to the lives of tens of thousands of women who come into contact with the police each year.

We want to promote good practice by the police and other agencies and prevent women ending up in the penal system when it is unnecessary.

Women who are drunk or vulnerable need a safe space, not a spell in a police cell. Others with complex needs could be supported by more appropriate services such as women’s centres. Our programme will ensure the police do not have to waste time caring for vulnerable women at a time when their resources could be better deployed.

We provide administrative support to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women in the Penal System, which is conducting an inquiry on reducing the arrests of women.

Read the briefing paper on arresting the entry of women into the criminal justice system.

Read the second briefing paper on arresting the entry of women into the criminal justice system

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The Howard League programme of work to reduce the arrests of women is supported by Lloyds Bank Foundation

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales partners with small and local charities who help people overcome complex social issues. Through long-term funding, developmental support and influencing policy and practice, the Foundation helps those charities make life-changing impact. The Foundation is an independent charitable trust funded by the profits of Lloyds Banking Group as part of their commitment to Helping Britain Prosper.

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