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Response to the Sentencing Council’s consultation on its burglary offences guideline

1 September 2021

“The Howard League welcomes the intention behind the Sentencing Council’s revised guideline for burglary offences and agrees that fewer offences should fall into the highest culpability and harm categories. The revised guideline is a significant improvement, though there is still a risk that too many offences will be placed in the highest harm category and that victims of exploitation and other people in financial need will be imprisoned rather than given support.

“The statistical bulletin shows that Black people and young adults under the age of 21 are disproportionately charged with aggravated burglary, which almost always leads to an immediate custodial sentence. The revised guideline be amended to seek to remedy the racial disparities in burglary prosecutions and should expressly remind sentencers to take a different approach to young adults.”

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