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The Howard League for Penal Reform has a strong and long history of working alongside the academic and research communities. A guiding principle of our work has been to develop new ideas and understanding of the consequences of changes and innovations in the penal system.

Publications: Intelligent Justice and Out of Place

International conference

Justice and Penal Reform: Re-shaping the penal landscape

This conference formed part of the symposium What is Justice? Re-imagining penal policy which is charged with generating intellectual debate that can act as a springboard to contest the conventional role of the penal system, ultimately promoting a new, achievable paradigm that will deliver a reduced role for the penal system while maintaining public confidence, fewer victims of crime and safer communities.

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Featured publications

  • Carlile Inquiry 10 years on report cover

    The Carlile Inquiry 10 years on

    Report on the use of restraint, solitary confinement and strip-searching in child prisons in England and Wales.

  • Preventing prison suicide report cover

    Preventing Prison Suicide

    Preventing Prison Suicide: Perspectives from the inside focuses on the views and experiences of current and former prisoners about what contributes to vulnerability and what increases or reduces their risk of suicide.

  • Punishment in Prison report cover

    Punishment in prisons

    The report looks at how jails in England and Wales operate disciplinary hearings called adjudications, where allegations of rule-breaking are tried.

  • The cost of prison suicide report cover

    The cost of prison suicide

    This research briefing is the first publication of its kind to examine the financial impact that a prisoner’s death by suicide can have on public services.

  • Coercive sex in prison report cover

    Coercive sex in prison

    This is the third in a series of briefing papers for the Commission on Sex in Prison.

  • Faint Hope report cover

    Faint Hope: What to do about long sentences

    This briefing paper shows that there are lessons to be learned from the way other jurisdictions approach long-term imprisonment.

  • Criminal care report cover

    Criminal care

    This report investigates how children living in children’s homes are being criminalised at excessively high rates compared to other boys and girls.

  • Jersey Review report cover

    Jersey review: A review of the Jersey youth justice system


    An independent report on the Jersey youth justice system with over 20 recommendations, including the immediate ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Purchase hard copy of free pdf download.

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