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Justice and Fairness in Prisons · 25 Mar 2020

Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the Howard League’s new blog for our justice and fairness in prisons programme. The programme was launched in 2019 and we have now published the first briefing, Justice does not stop at the prison gate. You can find out more about the programme here. You might also wish to read our series of briefings on additional days dating from 2015, which first triggered our interest in this area.

In short, prisons should be places of justice. At present, prisons in England and Wales are places that embed and reinforce injustice. The Howard League’s programme seeks to establish what a just prison would look like, eliminate unjust processes in prisons, and implement fair and restorative approaches.

We have started this blog because there are many more examples of injustice and unfairness in the prison system than could ever fit into our publications. This blog will provide an opportunity to explore the project and its findings in greater depth.

What evidence have we collected so far? We have met with prison governors, prison inspectors, researchers and people in prison, and attended legal hearings inside prisons and out. As well as encountering many examples of unfairness in prisons, we have identified good examples of procedural justice and restorative approaches, and we are looking at how these can contribute to a more just system overall. We will continue to collect evidence on all sorts of subjects from disciplinary processes to healthcare, diet and exercise, treatment programmes, access to libraries and preparation for release.



  • Steve Stewart says:

    I have found that the general consensus fed to the world population is not a case of true justice but of justice only being seen to be done. Social vengeance rather than seeking the root of social problems inviting crime. The global judiciary systems prefer to sweep their social problems under the proverbial carpet, with their sentencing of offenders and innocent scapegoats. Meanwhile the problems fester until unleashed at a later date due to future social injustices.

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