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Less crime

We want to build a more humane and effective response to crime in England and Wales, which provides justice to all and helps to reduce reoffending.

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Safer communities

We want to see sensible changes that make communities safer, and to move away from unjust punishments that are counter-productive.

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Fewer people in prison

We want to reduce the prison population, because jails that are overcrowded and unsafe will never help people to turn their lives around and move on from crime.

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87,504 people in prison

The prison population in England and Wales is higher than in any other country in Western Europe, and the Ministry of Justice has projected that it could rise to 114,800 by March 2028. Thousands of people in prison are forced to share cells that are designed for one person. Staff shortages mean that many people are kept inside their cells for 23 hours a day, locked up with nothing to do. Click the link below to find out which prisons are overcrowded.

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    Our series of online events aimed at lifting the lid on prisons.

  • Our strategy

    We want to build a more humane and effective response to crime that provides justice and helps to reduce reoffending.