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Howard League blog · 23 Dec 2021

A message of hope for 2022

As we come to the end of another challenging year, I would like to thank all Howard League members for your support in 2021.

Christmas is a difficult period for many, and particularly so for people in prison and their families. The calls this week to our legal advice line, from children and young adults, are a stark reminder of how life inside is very different from life outside at this time of year.

One young adult told us that Christmas looked set to be even grimmer than last year as so many staff were away. They were getting one hour a day out of their cell.

Another child said that they had been told to expect to be locked up for 23 hours on Christmas Day.A message of hope, designed by a child the Howard League works with

Strict restrictions are still in force in prisons across the country, and it remains a worrying time as the pandemic continues into 2022. The Howard League is braced for an extremely busy year as we try to build a brighter future for everyone affected by crime.

We have sent a message of hope to more than 80 children and young people who use our legal service, designed by one of the children we work with.

Maintaining hope is a tough ask in the current circumstances, but we are often amazed by the resilience of those that we help, many of whom have seen and suffered a great deal in their young lives. Please keep them in your thoughts this weekend.

I wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas break and a happy New Year.

Andrea Coomber


  • Theresa Mcrae says:

    Andrea Thank you.A joy to read and such a dedicated team and your campaigns to help ipp prisoners.My son, heartbreakingly,is spending his 15th xmas behind bars,unable to progress,he is 11 years over tarrif.
    Happy New year.

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