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Howard League blog · 7 Aug 2023

Know your rights: An animation on licence and recall

At the Howard League, we run a free, confidential legal advice line for children and young people aged 21 and under in prison. Of the many issues they tell us about, recall is among the most common. Recall can affect anyone who is released from prison on licence.  

We often help young people get released from prison, only for them to be recalled shortly after leaving. Frequently, it is because the young person does not understand their licence conditions, how serious they are, and what it means if they breach.

One caseworker reported that a young person she had worked with did not understand that the ‘good behaviour’ condition of his licence meant that being ten minutes late for a probation appointment risked him being recalled to prison.

The system of recall can be opaque. In some situations, young people have their recall initiated without them being aware. They go to their probation appointment only to be arrested for a period of being ‘unlawfully at large’, despite being unaware of their recall several days earlier.

Often young people do not appreciate the significance of breaching their licence conditions and believe they will be automatically re-released after 28 days in prison. Instead, they receive a standard recall, and can only be released at the end of their sentence, or by the Parole Board.  

The lack of understanding of the process can have significant consequences. To address this, we have created a resource for people leaving prison on licence, and their families, to help them better understand the process. We surveyed 130 children in prisons across England and found that more than 80 per cent preferred to access information in video format. So, we have produced a video explaining what licence conditions are, what can constitute a breach and how recall works.  

We hope the video below will be helpful for anyone wanting to know more about licence and recall. It will be accessible to young people in prisons on their in-cell laptops, and to practitioners and the public, who may be unfamiliar with much of the recall process. 

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