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Crime, Justice and the Human Condition

  • Start date: 13 Sep 2022

  • End date: 14 Sep 2022

  • Location: Keble College, Oxford

Crime, Justice and the Human Condition

13–14 September 2022
Keble College, University of Oxford

The last two years have brought the fragility of human existence into sharp relief. This conference and accompanying festival for change is emerging from a time of intense uncertainty, in which governments, civil society and communities face formidable problems and difficult choices that could have enduring repercussions for justice.

We will bring together conference contributions from academics, practitioners and other experts in many different fields and disciplines to explore crime, justice and the human condition, and the issues that intersect. Complemented by a festival of thought-provoking creative activities, this will be a wide-ranging discussion, considering crime and justice as they relate to life, growth, maturity, hope, emotion, conflict and mortality from myriad perspectives. We will look at how and where the criminal justice system touches people in their everyday lives, and what this means for society at large.

This is an opportunity to examine social bonds, history, creativity, learning and technology, as well as isolation and inequality, racism, harm and hate. We are also keen to explore the links between – and impact of – crime and problem gambling, building on the work of the Howard League’s Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling.

How do we shape justice for the better in the years to come?

Further details will be announced in due course.

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