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  • Carlile Inquiry 10 years on report cover Young People

    The Carlile Inquiry 10 years on

    Report on the use of restraint, solitary confinement and strip-searching in child prisons in England and Wales.

  • Jersey Review report cover Young People

    Jersey review: A review of the Jersey youth justice system


    An independent report on the Jersey youth justice system with over 20 recommendations. Purchase hard copy or download free pdf.

  • Why carry a weapon book cover Young People

    Why carry a weapon?


    This book draws upon the views of young people to assess the lack of success in addressing knife crime and identifies strategies for quelling the current trends in knife crime.

  • What is MAPPA? pamphlet cover Young People

    What is MAPPA?

    An introduction to the rules and processes of MAPPA. Part of a U R Boss series of leaflets for young people.

  • Future insecure report cover Young People

    Future Insecure

    This is one of a series of briefings on issues that young people themselves have realised and looks at why the remaining secure children’s homes should be protected from any further closures.

  • Once upon a time in the west report cover Young People

    Once upon a time in the west


    This report from the Howard League for Penal Reform examines the experiences of young people growing up in rural communities.

  • Children as victims report cover Young People

    Children as Victims

    Report documenting the findings of a survey of over 3,000 children aged 10-15 about their experience of crime, crime prevention and what they would like adults to do to support them.

  • To devolve or not to devolve report cover Young People

    To devolve or not to devolve?

    This briefing paper considers the pros and cons of devolving youth custody budgets and asks a fundamental question: to what extent can altering the financial arrangements effect real change for the better or is this in reality a problem of law, policy and attitudes?

  • Life inside 2010 report cover Young People

    Life inside 2010

    Life Inside 2010 provides a unique insight into the day to day experiences of 15-17 year old males in prison. It is the first policy report produced as part of the Howard League’s exciting U R Boss project.

  • Life outside report cover Young People

    Life Outside

    Life Outside is the second substantive policy report to be produced from participation with children and young people in the criminal justice system as part of U R Boss

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