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Call for evidence

Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling

The Howard League’s Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling will run for three years and aims to answer the following questions:

  • What are the links between crime and problem gambling?
  • What impact does this link have on communities and society?
  • What should be done?

The Commission will investigate patterns of crime linked to problem gambling and the societal harms that link crime and problem gambling, before seeking to make recommendations for government, the gambling industry and within the criminal justice system.

The Commission includes experts from the fields of public health, gambling, law, academia and criminal justice, as well as people who are expert by experience.

Call for written evidence

The Commission is keen to receive written evidence from academics, practitioners and policy makers within the criminological; gambling industry; legal and health disciplines; and people who are expert by experience. We welcome examples of international evidence examining the links between crime and problem gambling.

Guidance for written evidence

Written evidence should be presented as concisely as possible and should be received by Monday 30 September 2019. It should consist of the following documents:

  • A covering letter containing:
    • Name and contact details of the person or organisation submitting the evidence
    • Any request for information to remain confidential.
  • A memorandum containing:
    • An executive summary of the main points made in the submission
    • A brief introduction about you, explaining your area of expertise
    • Factual information you would like the Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling to be aware of
    • Any recommendations that you would like the Commission to consider
    • If you wish to include supplementary material with your memorandum, ensure your memorandum is nevertheless self-contained.

All evidence should be submitted as a hard copy and electronically in MS Word format. Submissions should not exceed 2,500 words.

The Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling is not obliged to accept your memorandum once it has been submitted as evidence.  Written evidence will not be published however quotes may be used and made available in the Commission briefing papers and on the Internet. Any individual or organisation can publish their own submission via their own outlets.

The Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling welcomes evidence from individuals regarding their experiences and people who are expert by experience.  However, please be aware that commissioners are unable to take up individual cases or to make referrals to other organisations.

If you wish to include private or confidential information in your submission, but do not wish your submission to be quoted or shared publicly, you must clearly say so and explain your reasons for not wishing its disclosure. The committee will take this into account in deciding whether to refer to the submission.

The evidence should be sent to:

Catryn Yousefi
Programmes Manager
The Howard League for Penal Reform
1 Ardleigh Road

Tel: 020 7249 7373


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