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What is justice? Video shorts

We filmed plenary speakers at the What is Justice? Re-imagining penal policy conference, held in October 2013 in Oxford, talking about their presentations.

Professor Vanessa Barker

Presentation title: The state and penal reform: The role of incorporation, participation and trust

Professor Albert Dzur

Presentation title: Public institutions for participatory criminal justice

Will Hutton

Presentation title: Justice as fairness – re-imagining modern capitalism

Professor Fergus McNeill

Presentation title: What (good) is criminal justice?

Professor Matt Matravers

Presentation title: Re-imagining penal policy and the problem of social injustice

Professor Monika Płatek

Presentation title: How to avoid miracles? Overcoming barriers to local participation in the criminal justice system

Professor Sonja Snacken

Presentation title: Punishment, legitimacy and fundamental values

Professor Steve Tombs

Presentation title: The relentless construction of the powerless state: trends in ‘social regulation’ in the UK

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